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ORLEN Rebranding

Effective from 1 January 2021, refining and petrochemical group Unipetrol will change its name and logo to ORLEN Unipetrol. The change in the name represents the actual completion of the full-fledged affiliation with the international ORLEN Group. The ORLEN Group is the largest corporation in Central and Eastern Europe. It entered Unipetrol as the majority shareholder in 2005 and became its sole owner in October 2018.


“I believe that the visual connection with the ORLEN Group, which is one of the strongest European companies in the chemical and energy industries, will further strengthen our position in the Czech and foreign markets,” said Tomasz Wiatrak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Unipetrol Group. He added: “I am glad that we can rely on such a reliable and progressive owner as the ORLEN Group when working on the realization of our ambitious goals. We respect the same values and together we go on the path of modernization, innovation and the search for greener solutions.”


Unipetrol can now take full advantage of ORLEN´s strong business, financial and marketing position on world markets and benefit from mutual synergies in research and development, the purchase of raw materials and services, and the production and sale of products. “The new ORLEN Unipetrol logo will bring us not only the simplification of our communication, but also the possibility of using the ORLEN Group's international marketing projects. As part of the Czech Republic’s critical infrastructure we will continue fulfilling its role as one of the pillars of the Czech economy, an important employer, a leading investor and an important tax payer,” emphasized Tomasz Wiatrak.


The ORLEN Group is the largest corporation in Central and Eastern Europe. It is included in the prestigious global rankings such as Fortune Global 500 and Platts TOP250. It is active in six local markets in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, and Slovakia, and in Canada. It owns state-of-the-art integrated assets with an annual processing capacity of more than 35 million tonnes of various crude oil types, of which almost eight million tonnes were processed in two Czech refineries, Záluží near Litvínov and Kralupy nad Vltavou.


The ORLEN Group offers more than 50 world-class petrochemical and refinery products sold in more than 110 countries on six continents. In the retail segment, the ORLEN Group sells its products through the largest regional network of more than 2,800 high-end service stations. The value of the ORLEN brand is CZK 30 billion. Over the next ten years, the ORLEN Group plans to cut carbon emissions from its refining, petrochemical, and energy activities by 33% and to be carbon-neutral by 2050.



The Unipetrol Group is the largest refining and petrochemical company in the Czech Republic. With 2019 revenue exceeding CZK 129 billion, it is one of the six largest companies in the country. It focuses on oil processing and manufacture, distribution, and sale of fuels and petrochemical products, especially plastics and fertilisers. It is a significant player both in the Czech Republic and CEE region in all these segments. The Unipetrol Group includes refineries and manufacturing facilities in Litvínov and Kralupy nad Vltavou, Paramo with the Mogul brand in Pardubice and Kolín, Neratovice-based Spolana, and two research centres in Litvínov and Brno.


Unipetrol also includes a network of Benzina ORLEN stations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. With 416 outlets, Benzina ORLEN is the largest chain in the Czech Republic. After one-year presence, it runs 13 service stations in Slovakia. The brand’s popularity with consumers was confirmed by the fact that Benzina ORLEN has been awarded as the Most Trustworthy Brand in the Czech Republic for the fourth consecutive year. Unipetrol employs more than 4,800 people.


New names of the Unipetrol Group and its subsidiaries:

​Current business name New business name Effective from​
UNIPETROL, a.s. ​ORLEN Unipetrol a.s. ​January 1, 2021
​Unipetrol výzkumně vzdělávací centrum, a.s. ​ORLEN UniCRE a.s. ​January 1, 2021
​UNIPETROL RPA, s.r.o. ​ORLEN Unipetrol RPA s.r.o. February 1, 2021
​UNIPETROL RPA, s.r.o. - POLYMER INSTITUTE BRNO, odštěpný závod  ​ORLEN Unipetrol RPA s.r.o. - POLYMER INSTITUTE BRNO, odštěpný závod  ​February 1, 2021
​UNIPETROL RPA, s.r.o. - BENZINA, odštěpný závod  ​ORLEN Unipetrol RPA s.r.o. - BENZINA, odštěpný závod  ​​February 1, 2021
​UNIPETROL SLOVENSKO s.r.o. ​ORLEN Unipetrol Slovakia s.r.o. February 1, 2021
​UNIPETROL Deutschland GmbH ​ORLEN Unipetrol Deutschland GmbH February 1, 2021
​UNIPETROL RPA Hungary Kft. ​ORLEN Unipetrol Hungary Kft. ​February 1, 2021
​Nadace Unipetrol ​Nadace ORLEN Unipetrol  ​February 1, 2021
​UNIPETROL DOPRAVA, s.r.o. ​ORLEN Unipetrol Doprava s.r.o. ​February 1, 2021
​Spolana s.r.o. No change
​PARAMO, a.s. ​No change
​Petrotrans, s.r.o. ​No change
​Butadien Kralupy a.s. ​No change
​HC Verva Litvínov a.s. ​No change

The identification numbers of all companies, i.e. also those with a new designation, addresses of seats, and billing information will remain unchanged. No changes will be made in the ownership structure either. The validity of mutual contractual relations also remains the same.


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